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"One of the photographer’s eyes looks through the viewfinder while the other, the closed one, looks into your own soul."

Henri Cartier-Bresson



Kersten Kämpfer

Fine Arts

"It is my idea, my conception of art to create something with my hands that is an expression of what I see and feel."

Andrea Dublaski


Our world is amazing, as unique as divers, breathtakingly awesome, full of mysteries, inconsistencies, seemingly contradictory at times - every minute is special - moments to revere, filled with bliss or sorrow, thrilling or peaceful, splendid or horrible.

SPICY ARTWORKS aspires to: Inspire and display, draw attention to, make sensitive, stir up fantasies. Individual, personal, intuitively, curious – seen, touched and formed through Andrea Dublaski, the artist’s eyes and hands.

With SPICY ARTWORKS there is no concentration on one single type of art but a circle of fine arts, reflected in five distinctive creative elements:  photography, painting, stone sculpture, digital art (picture-composing) and paper maché.

Every creation formed with passion, enthusiasm and not least: plenty of fun. Business is not priority. It is a matter of course though that interested art lovers may purchase selected creations. Just give me a call or write an Email.

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Andrea | 4 Dec 2018, 14:04

It is the friendliest village of the world. Here, all the people who meet us really welcome us, with a smile and open eyes - no matter if they are very young or old. We search for colorful aras, yellow-haired toucans and…

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Andrea | 4 Dec 2018, 14:03

As a wine lover we visit here the largest winery in the country called Campos de Solana. Thereafter a production plant for the well-known Singani, a mild Bolivian Grappa ......

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Andrea | 28 Sep 2018, 14:00

A fenced area, right at the lake. The leaves are rustling, here and there the wind hits a door. Otherwise it is completely silent. A spooky atmosphere that has probably attracted George Clooney. Here the Hollywood star and his…

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Who am I and what would you possibly like to know about me?

I was born in Deggendorf on New Year’s Day. So for a brief moment I was a lower Bavarian. Later I was raised in the Rhine-Main region. Since 2008 I am staying in the “Ländle” in Meckenbeuren-Brochenzell a small town between Friedrichshafen and Ravensburg in the Lake Constance area.

After I had been working in rather traditional professions i.e. as a graduated biochemist I founded the small graphics and web design agency “blue d.sign” in 1996: My own boss, nice customers, and great jobs. Now though 20 years later a new era is about to begin. I want to win the world as an artist with the label "SPICY ARTWORKS".

What has shaped me during my life so far? Well, travelling the world. Friends who jumped on my bandwagon or abandoned again. Our perpetual changing times. The ever more varying living conditions for man. Rapid technological developments. My curiosity and craving for creativity and critical analysis. Happiness and suffering on this planet. The beauty of nature and life. My pleasure in the unconventional and different.

And finally it might possibly be interesting for you what my actual objectives are in life and what I could be aiming for in future: to keep fit, to continue being happy, to do all sorts of things, the two of us and to enjoy life with friends, to continue exploring the world, to help others, to create small pieces of art with SPICY ARTWORKS and generate messages through that, to have own art shows and exhibitions, contentment.


Andrea Dublaski

Töpferweg 8,
88074 Meckenbeuren - Germany

Email: dublaski(at)spicy-art.works
Fon: +49 (7542) 401 35 77