Paper Maché

"Every truth find an effective and indisputable continuity only in the imagination of man. Fantasy, not invention, creates in the art as in life the very special."

Josef Conrad


One day I suddenly hit on the idea of building myself a man. I was in a long-distance relationship at the time and feeling lonely every now and then. So I tried paper mache. I started collecting newspapers, plastic and all kind of other garbage. After completion of the substructure I added plenty of layers of paste with newspaper until it became sufficiently solid. The face was almost driving me crazy. I formed it with FIMO. It was quite illuminating to realize what is happening deep inside you during the course of such a project. Within myself I made a lot of discoveries. The final result: a beautiful man with the name ‘Miguel’.


One man rarely stays alone. So the thought came to me during a stroll when another walker, obviously absent-mindedly, bumped urgently into me: build a man without a head. So it happened that the cast of my husband’s hands became his hands. Just look, how this man was created. He was the cause of quite some rage attacks. Breaking fingers, keel over. I miscalculated the statics. Now I have to finally repair again.

SAM - The spirit of our soul

Everyone may wonder why she is now building a life-size spirit or a ghost ?? !! Well, this is actually a good question. I was inspired by a certain, magical and rather unknown place on the occasion of my photography tour in the South West of the USA in early 2017. There I had the idea to create such a sculpture myself. It or better he has now become a ghost.

To visualize the human soul. This is a very high requirement. To implement it for an artist is enormously difficult. In any case I imagine a spirit of our soul, without a body, without a face. Perhaps only his outlines are depicted with a gray coat with silvery shimmering folds. And - in memory of Yoda of Star Wars - a (bright red) walking stick in the right hand. An image of our own mind, the soul. Invisible and omnipresent. Over all times, regardless of this world and the time. He was to stand slightly and bent forward. And that is exactly what he does now.

I really had no plan when I started to build it. With slightly bloody fingers bent, twisted and trimmed the small-meshed, sharp-edged in Germany so-called "Hasendraht" (wire mesh) up to approximately the basic figure had emerged. As with my previous papermachè sculptures I worked with a wide range of materials such as the already described wire mesh, wooden plates, airy plastic cover foils, iron nails, tackle needles, screws. The real work began when I decided to have five layers of newspaper paper over the basic figure. But not in big pieces, but neatly torn into small pieces of paper. With a mixture of wood glue and wallpaper paste glued on top of each other via a small brush. When the whole thing was dried the folds of the cloak had to be designed and created. It would have been easy to put towels on them, to arrange them in beautiful folds, and then to become a solid matter. But as simple as in my mind was that idea not, purely technically with such a huge sculpture. So I tore the white towels into small pieces and strips. Thus after the cloth rags were soaked in textile reinforcements, the individual longitudinal and transverse folds formed until they looked as if they were made from a single sheet. Finally, three times with gray protective acrylic paint applied. The silver effect of the wrinkles results from a silver paste applied with a sponge. And then Sam was finished and now on special occasions with apple-green LED lights from below to the glow.

The name of SAM, by the way - as film critics have certainly been able to guess - resembled the famous movie with Patrick Swayzee: "Ghost - message from Sam". The fantasy romance was not only a commercial success, but embodied Hollywood in the best sense: heartbreaking, sad, exciting, funny and magical. The movie won two Oscars.