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There they are, our Lofoten location favorites, and we think we are not at all alone with that: Reine, Hamnoy and Sakrisoy (with crooked rocks, the "M" and a guardian spirit spreading both arms), Henningsvaer with a football field and lighthouse, the lonely bay of Yttersand, the Gimsoy peninsula with its famous white church, the beaches Myrland & Storsandnes, the famous Haukland and Skagsanden Beach - each with large black rocks on the shore. Perfect!!


Actually we wanted to tell something  about these really sweet Lofoten villages and dream spots at this point. But contrary to our blog text plan we do not do that. Recently two well-known travel bloggers have written a super blog about these topics. And we would like to refer you to this, because repetitions are boring. Everything that is written there is shared by us without reservation. The travel blog website is called "Good Morning World". The article entitled "Lofoten vacation - the most beautiful spots on the Arctic Circle" (+ more tips) CAN BE FOUND HERE. It is from Melanie and Nina, nothing know that we hereby link them and - if not already known - introduce or recommend in our blog. We hope they enjoy it a little bit. We really enjoy doing it. The article is great.



So we will write about another popular topic: The special about lofotic-norwegian food and drinks. Here it comes:


   + The Brunost. A Norwegian brown whey cheese that looks like an oversized rectangular caramel candy. Usually it is eaten in thin slices on light bread or  crispbread, its sweet taste harmonizes especially with jam of red fruit.
   + Genuine whale trane as a medicine
   + Tuborg as (still) affordable canned beer
   + and of course Kötbullar (works without IKEA)
   + Delicious cakes and pies
   + Muffins with bright orange cloudberry filling
   + Very tasty, fresh bread and so called "Knäcke" in many variants for breakfast
   + Everywhere smoothies in mini-jars based on Norwegian sour, curdled milk with berries and seasonal fruit (no sugar)
   + A variety of different types of fish (cold and warm) for breakfast


Dining out in Leknes - for us a negative experience: There is no fish restaurant left. The last one went bankrupt recently. The first Italian ("Peppes Pizza") is so la la (pizza tastes rather boring and greasy), the second Italian ("Lille Milano"), which owner is actually a Kurd, there is really only a warm seat - namely directly under the wall heater, otherwise it is there in March at most 2 to 15 degrees "warm". Iranian (spicy) food and fish & chips at the Asia Market Restaurant with music by Mark Knopfler: Ash (vegetable soup) and Ghorme Szabzi (lamb curry) and Chai tea (attention: no alcohol). Very nice hosts. Then please do not go to the " Kan Thai". There it tastes terrible and it is very expensive. There is nothing more in Leknes - except a few cafes and a beer bar in this 6.000-soul community.


In general, one can say at the prices of food and alcohol in Lofoten, that the local cost structure reminds us immensely of Swiss conditions. You have to fork out a lot. Especially with local goods. The world famous smoked Norwegian salmon, for example, is more expensive than in Germany. But you can buy very large caviar cream tubes, which cost only 1.49 Euro. "Schnapps" and similar drinks can be forgotten. In the occasionally occurring monopolistic alcohol shops (1 per place in the maximum) is simple, but drinkable wine still financially sustainable (10 - 15 Euro the bottle), beer keeps priced well within limits (as an exception to the monopoly shop principle in all supermarkets to buy f.e. 6 x 0,5 l cans Tuborg for 14,90 Euro = one 0,5 l can = 2,49 Euro).




Yes, the Northern Lights! It is truly incredible to see them on this planet. The eyes light up in the night despite freezing cold, the mouth stays open. You get neck stiffness from constantly looking up. They move like fairies and spirits, like snakes and waves. Or look like huge green curtains or lights rain. Unimaginable forms and figures directly above your head. And all in total silence (if no wind is heard of course). But we'll stop swarming now, otherwise it will be weird. You just have to see and experience it yourself. Photos and videos can really only partly reflect these great feelings and impressions. Moreover, soooooooooooooooo much has been written about the Aurora. That's why only our pictures should speak of it alone.


Oh, as long as it's not overcrowded there, we like the beaches of Flakstad and Skagsanden near Ramberg: Another good tip for Northern Lights photography are definitely the north facing beaches with beautiful mountain scenery behind them, called Storsandes and Myrland - with big black rocks in the fjord in front of it. And then definitely (our real insider tip!) here: From Leknes north on the E10, left in the direction of Eggum. After a few kilometers on the narrow winding road (about half the distance to Eggum) comes to the left a yellow house and a bus stop. Turn right into a path. A few hundred meters to the small parking lot right before a kind of a "river bridge" hold. From or in front of this small bridge in the northwest, north or northeast direction set up the tripod. When it is calm, there are fantastic motifs with the lights, which are reflected perfectly in the water. Only a house with a little lamp in the immediate vicinity, but that does not disturb.

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