HOMELESS - US 2017 - Part 1

Andrea | 25.05.2017 | | USA

30 years ago, I spent a few days in San Diego. A beautiful lively city with Mexican restaurants and bars. In the evening you could hear the mid-American sounds, which immediately invited to dance and celebrate. This city lived and the people laughed. A very vivid city.

Today during my photo tour through the South West of the US in early 2017 I visited San Diego again. There is an extensive travel blog under the title "Contrasts Pur" on Spicy's website www.spicy-art.works.

I have captured many pictures of the people in this country. Among them there is a very large proportion of photos, which are very oppressive, sad, thoughtful and extremely distressing. It is these pictures mostly from the big cities, but also from rural towns, which radiate this impression. And so I decided to report about these people in a separate (photo) blog on my website. The face of US America has completely changed. For me it is no longer the "land of unlimited possibilities" as it was once called. The "un" must be deleted today.

So back to California, to sunny San Diego: I found a city that I would no longer recognize. There was no happy life. Large streets lined with empty shops and many homeless people and addicts on the wide concrete side walks. I also have seen them in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Tuscon and so on. But here it was the most depressing moment for me.


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